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About nasreen

Whatever life has dished onto your plate, therapy can help. My counseling experiences include working with adolescents and adults who are struggling with unresolved issues, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse, relationship problems, and domestic violence related issues. I will meet you where you are in life and provide excellent client care to see that new tools for success are developed and that your personal goals are met. Many clients simply want to increase their copings skills or effective communication skills, for example. I am motivated and committed to supporting your success.  Pick up the phone and call us today to get started!

Nasreen Welden has been my primary counselor for over four years now. One of the most open, patient, and responsive therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working alongside. She is able to meet me where I am in life, process and analyze my concerns, is a receptive listener, and remarkably effective communicator. We set weekly goals, and I’m confident a new path has been illuminated for me since beginning therapy with her.
— Sivan A.

Services offered               Contact Nasreen

  • Consultation | 50 minutes | $125

  • Subsequent sessions | 50 minutes | $100

  • Couples | 50 minutes | $125-140