Rockwall Counseling and Wellness Services

Individual counseling

At Rockwall Counseling and Wellness we go above and beyond the traditional counseling experience. By the second appointment you can expect to receive a Plan of Care that will help you to have a good estimate of the number of sessions you should receive and create hope and structure for a successful counseling experience. We provide optional homework so that you can achieve your counseling goals at a faster rate, as well as progress updates every 6-8 sessions. Because we are a private pay practice, we are able to spend more time focusing on your particular set of issues. Whatever your reasoning for counseling, you can expect a great experience in a comfortable, confidential, and compassionate space.

Counseling for depression and anxiety

Often times depression and anxiety are two sides of the same coin. When you're feeling one, often times you begin to feel the other. Depression and anxiety counseling is an invaluable resource for finding your way out of the downward spiral. Our patients receive no judgement--they are promised a safe place to discuss their issues and find the best treatment possible. We can identify your strengths and weaknesses, helpful and harmful behaviors, and how to overcome your depression.

Couples counseling

No one budgets for marriage counseling, yet nearly all marriages will face significant difficulties. Relationships are built upon years of camaraderie and communication. If expressing your love has become and issue or traumatic incidents have put considerable strain on our marriage, it is time to seek the help of a marriage counselor. There is no better time than now. The longer you put off counseling, the harder the problem is to resolve. Our therapists are trained in conflict resolution, communication skills, and reminding you why you chose your partner to begin with it. 

Affair recovery

Tired of not having a thorough plan to heal after infidelity? We help heal from the pain of affairs and betrayal. Affair recovery seems daunting in the beginning--our job is to give you hope as you start down the road to reconciliation. Up front, it's important to know that we won't shame the unfaithful spouse nor blame the betrayed spouse. This is a safe place for both of you to heal.


For spouses who have been unfaithful:

  • Why full disclosure is the best road to take, not the worst

  • Why we don't shame or pummel you

  • How to develop deep empathy for your spouse

  • How to authentically communicate sincere remorse

  • Ways to let go of your shame and redefine your identity

  • How to help your mate heal and feel more secure

  • How to set boundaries that help restore trust

  • How to make a Travel Plan when traveling that helps create accountability and safety

  • How to develop a closer connection with your mate

  • How to prevent relapse

  • How to be closer and more transparent with one another than ever before

For spouses who have been betrayed:

  • How to wrap your head around what happened

  • Why it's not your fault

  • How to manage triggers and intrusive thoughts

  • Why it's important to address the infidelity directly

  • What to do with anger and difficult emotions

  • What's needed to build safety and trust

  • The many layers of forgiveness and why it takes time

  • How to talk with your mate to develop a healthy relationship

Marriage intensives

Often times relationships can get tangles up quickly and you may find yourself in a relationship crisis. For these specific times we offer marriage intensives--condensing several weeks worth of counseling into just a couple power packed sessions. These are 3 hours long with a 20 minute break in the middle. These have proven beneficial for couples looking for some immediate relief. To find out more about Marriage Intensives contact Lauren Coats.

Counseling for adolescents and their families

The preadolescent and adolescent years are often periods of considerable stress for both parents and children alike. Teens can be impulsive and prone to struggles with both anxiety and depression. Perhaps you're finding yourself frustrated with your preteen/teen due to poor-decision making or you may be experiencing difficulty connecting with your preteen/teen. We offer a variety of approaches with the intention of meeting unique needs of preteens/teens and their families. Specific approaches include expressive arts and traditional talk therapy, amongst others. Additionally, we offer evidence-based treatment for acute concerns such as suicidal ideation, no-suicidal self-injurious behaviors, and a host of other struggles often presenting in adolescents. If you find yourself experiencing struggles in your relationship with your preteen/teen and/or are concerned about their emotional or behavioral expression, we can help.  

Parenting counseling

Parenting is both the most rewarding and challenging task a parent will ever face. At times, parents may become frustrated in the day to day routine of parenting and may find themselves wishing for a closer and more connected relationship with their child. Furthermore, parents may feel they spend more time disciplining their child than emotionally connecting with him or her. Our goal is to offer a space for you to talk about your parenting challenges and to offer a research-based approach that works. Family sessions are also available.     


Parenting is hard--co-parenting is even more difficult. We offer counseling for co-parents and/or children who are going through divorce or have been divorced in a child-focused and business like approach to the co-parenting relationship. Our expert therapists have been trained in conflict resolution, communication skills, and setting healthy boundaries and are skilled in helping you communicate in a way that will help your child thrive. 

Play therapy

Play is a child's natural medium of self-expression; play therapy provides children with the opportunity to 'play out' their feelings and problems just as in certain types of adult therapy individuals 'talk out' their difficulties. At Rockwall Counseling and Wellness, your child's therapist will meet first with you, the parent, to hear your perspective on the needs of your child. After getting specific information, the therapist will meet with your child for their therapy session. The therapist may talk to them while they play, play a game with your child, or have your child draw while they talk. Click to contact Dawn Nelson or Patty Brown for Play Therapy.

Abuse and Narcissism recovery

Patients seeking treatment after abuse are treated with compassionate listening and support. We seek to help you regain your sense of worth and personal rights. We are sensitive to the balance between hearing your story and also challenging you to rise above it. With this rise in self-esteem comes assertiveness and confidence which will enable you to choose healthy boundaries in your future relationships.

grief counseling 

The death of someone in our lives can be devastating. No one should have to grieve alone. We are here for you with unconditional acceptance, understanding, compassion, confidentiality, and hop. Our trained counselors can help lead you in your personal journey towards healing with a healthy reconciliation of your grief.

At Rockwall Counseling and Wellness we are fortunate enough to have an in-house Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Scott Stohner is an expert in his field and has experience working in inpatient facilities across the metroplex and working with adolescents and adults to conquer their addiction to alcohol, marijuana, and other more severe addictions and drugs. To learn more or set up an appointment for addiction counseling, click here.

substance abuse & addiction

Business coaching can be a great tool for therapists in private practice hoping to grow their business! At Rockwall Counseling and Wellness we have a flourishing practice that benefits counselors and clients. There are best practices that we can help you implement that our clients love and will help your business in the long term. For more information on business coaching click here.

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